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Our Latest Articles

metroid dungeon design

Metroid Dungeon Design

By Jae | July 17, 2019

Metroid is a staple of classic 2d dungeon crawlers. The original game, as well as many of its squeals, were groundbreaking in how to explore 2d dungeon space. These early video games have a lot to teach us about dungeon design mechanics that easily translate into the world of DnD. Dungeons and Dragons games today […]

unreliable information and player trust

Unreliable Information and Player Trust

By Jae | July 16, 2019

Players can often be the source of their own problems. Using this idea combined with some simple principles to trap players can be an interesting mix of fun and frustrating. For today’s Trap Tuesday, we’re going to look at three traps and talk about the concept of unreliable information and player trust. Example Number 1: […]

food and dnd

Food and DnD

By Kim | July 12, 2019

Food is so much more than just sustenance. It can describe a person’s whole life. Eating the food of your culture, whether it’s the culture you grew up with or the culture you adopted, informs people of your life’s history. By using food and DnD together, you can add elements to your campaign that will […]

how to make a patron for a dnd warlock

How To Make a Patron for a DnD Warlock

By Jae | July 11, 2019

Patrons and Warlocks, Warlocks and Patrons. The two are intrinsically tied together in 5e DnD. But patrons themselves are a mysterious part of the game. While the rules do paint in the general brush strokes of what patrons are and how they provide warlocks with power, they leave a lot of gaps for you to […]

Characters with Personality

Creating Characters with Personality

By Jae | July 10, 2019

Whether it’s designing an NPC or making a new player character, it can be hard to create characters with personality. Despite being a core part of the Dungeons and Dragons experience, many players and DMs create and run boring, one-dimensional characters. No one wants to do this, they often just don’t know how to build […]

hunting traps

Using Hunting Traps to Great Effect

By Jae | July 9, 2019

We’re coming out of the dungeons for this week’s Trap Tuesday and are going to look at some classic DnD Hunting Trap usage. In the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons bear traps are referred to as a hunting trap. Hunting trap rules are designed for the trap to be used by players, but traps […]

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