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Ghosts: A Monster with A Built in Puzzle

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Unique Enemies for Your Low Level Encounter

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A DM’s Guide to Dragonborn

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A DM’s Guide to Humans

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Our Latest Articles

session preparation

Session Preparation Effectiveness

By Jae | July 28, 2020

When creating things for your DnD session you can easily sink hours into preparation. This isn’t really a problem when you like session preparation, but it is possible you might run into an efficiency problem. Some types of content are harder to generate than others and you might end up spending more time on a […]


Ghosts: A Monster with A Built in Puzzle

By Jae | July 25, 2020

Combat quests in DnD can easily get repetitive and boring. But what if the monster itself was the quest? What if the very nature of a creature added interesting combat mechanics or came prepackaged with story elements? That’s exactly what Ghosts bring to the table. What even is a Ghost? A ghost is the spirit […]

low level encounter

Unique Enemies for Your Low Level Encounter

By Kim | July 2, 2020

Many dungeon masters lean on goblins, kobolds, and bandits for their first low level encounter enemies. But these enemies can feel as tired as starting your games in a tavern. D&D is full of unique low level encounter enemies that rarely get to see the light of day. Check out our suggestions for enemies that you […]


A DM’s Guide to Dragonborn

By Jae | June 2, 2020

Dragonborn are one of the 9 basic race types for DnD. Unlike many of the other races, they have very little lore in the Player’s Hand Book and the descriptions for them are vague. What the dragonborn lack in starter material they make up for in traits and abilities. Players who choose dragonborn gain flexibility […]


A DM’s Guide to Humans

By Jae | May 18, 2020

Humans are one of the 9 basic race types for DnD and the one you should be most familiar with. Unlike every other race in DnD, the Human class does not have any unique traits. Instead said humans fall into a broad spectrum. They are your basic be anything, do anything race and are the […]

side quests

A Guide to DnD Side Quests

By Jae | May 1, 2020

Side quests are so profoundly common in Dungeons and Dragons that they have a way of almost becoming the whole game. Side quests are any quest that deviates from the main plot of the campaign. Some are small fetch quests, others are giant, multi-part stories all their own. When you’re a DM, side quests will […]

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