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About Master the Dungeon

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Master the Dungeon is a resource hub and blog with advice for Dungeon Masters from Dungeon Masters. Founded in 2017, the site seeks to share content that helps people with all aspects of running D&D. While this can be about rules and game play, we also tackle more complex topics such as player dynamics, story telling, and hosting the game.

By specializing in DMing, we’re able to provide a focused look at what it takes to run a game and help dungeon masters of any level get the most out of their D&D experience. We’re players and dungeon masters ourselves. We want to provide the best resources we can for our readers, regardless of skill level.

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In addition to our blog, the site also offers a variety of resources for our readers. These range from quests and maps all the way to tools you can use to run your game. As the blog progresses, we hope to continue to build up our library of resources. In the future, we hope to host content from a variety of content creators, be they artists or other dungeon masters. Eventually, we will pull together a comprehensive set of tools that will help bolster any Dungeons and Dragons session.

If you are interested in any particular resource, let us know over at our contact page and we’ll see what we can do. We’re always looking to add another resource to our site to help out other DMs.