Dungeon Mastering

Dungeon Mastering – Introduction and Step by Step Guide

So you want to be a Dungeon Master? Great! This guide will get you started on your road to dungeon mastering. If you’re an absolute beginner or coming back after a long break, the following steps will give everything you need to run the game. Step 1. Dungeon Mastering Main Role: Storyteller and Arbiter Dungeon …

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hosting dnd

Hosting DnD

One of the more overlooked aspects of gaming is the environment in which you play your games. DnD is unique in that it can be played almost anywhere and with very few materials: all you typically need is some paper, some dice, and some friends. But where you decide to play can have an unexpected …

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Cursed Items 1

Cursed Items

Cursed items are items that adventurers find that have some type of negative consequence. These consequences can range from mild to extremely dangerous. They can directly affect the user or they might cause long-reaching issues with the world. Cursed items often have benefits attached to them, which makes using them a risk worth taking.  They …

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