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Our Latest Articles

scheduling dnd

One Simple Fix for Scheduling DnD

By Jae | June 19, 2019

Scheduling DnD sessions can be a nightmare. This is one of the biggest complaints that Dungeon Masters have and easily one of the more regrettable. Even if you have a solid group of players who really want to spend time playing, making people’s schedules align is a difficult task. We’re not going to claim this […]

breathing in a dungeon

Breathing in a Dungeon

By Jae | June 18, 2019

While walking through the dungeon, the players come to a dip in their path. Holding the torch aloft, they can’t quite see how long the dip is, but it descends down before leveling out and continuing. As the group presses forward into the dip, their torch immediately extinguishes itself and plunges the group into darkness. […]

Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Hoard of the Dragon Queen – Module Review

By Jae | June 14, 2019

Hoard of the Dragon Queen is a Wizards of Coast official DnD module for 5th edition, originally released in 2014 and included in the Starter Set. Adventures were built in part by Kobold Press, and this 96 page book contains everything you need to run a campaign from levels 1 to 8. This book is […]

broken combos 5e

Is This Feat Combination Broken?

By Jae | June 13, 2019

Recently we’ve seen a very interesting type of question pop up routinely. These questions follow a formula that munchkin style players use all the time: “Is ‘x’ plus ‘y’ broken?” You can substitute any two rules from DnD for x and y and find someone asking this online. Let’s look at a real world example […]

younger dungeons

How to Use Younger Dungeons

By Jae | June 12, 2019

When we think of dungeons in DnD, we typically think of an old crypt or long defunct fortress. Many of the dungeons you encounter in Dungeons and Dragons tend to have an ancient vibe to them. Younger dungeons are often left out of the narrative. What happens when a dungeon is built? Are dungeons occupied […]

crush trap

How to Use Crush Traps in DnD

By Jae | June 11, 2019

  The party enters a plain room. Seeing nothing of interest, they make their way to the door on the far wall. Click. As soon as they hear the sound, they notice the door behind them slam shut as the door ahead does the same. Ancient gears  whir to life as the ceiling begins to […]

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