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Our Latest Articles

obvious vs unexpected

Obvious VS Unexpected

By Jae | May 14, 2019

Traps that play on the obvious vs unexpected trope can be fun if used correctly and brutally punishing if used incorrectly. Let’s take a look at how a trap can subvert players’ expectations. Let’s dive straight into the trap. The Obvious vs Unexpected Boulder Trap When the players enter the room, they see a long […]

dungeon design

What Mario Can Teach Us About Dungeon Design

By Jae | May 8, 2019

At first glance, Super Mario Bros. games don’t seem to have anything in common with dungeon design. Thematically you’d be right; Mario games and Dungeons and Dragons are very different. However, there are a lot of lessons that can be learned from the mustachioed plumber.  What we’re referring to are the game design principles that […]

exploding statues

Exploding Statues

By Jae | May 7, 2019

  Players often try to get the jump on their enemies, which can lead to obvious and predictable game play. If you want to switch things up and make your players consider their tactics more carefully, an exploding statues trap is a great addition to your dungeon. Utilizing Exploding Statues This trap has a two-part […]

tabletop terrain

Tabletop Terrain: The Basics

By Kim | May 1, 2019

A well-crafted description of a location is one of the best tools a DM can use during a session. But when theater of the mind fails for some players, having a physical representation of the tabletop terrain you’re describing can take your game to the next level. Advantages of Using Tabletop Terrain Much like having […]


Magnets: How Do They Work?

By Jae | April 30, 2019

Magnets are super fun in both real life and in DnD. For this trap example, we use magnets in a creative way to get your players to look for obvious traps when the signals are present. The Magnets Trap This trap starts when the players enter a room with a sloped floor that angles down […]

fetch quest

How to Design a Fetch Quest for DnD

By Jae | April 24, 2019

Whether you want to or not, at some point in your DnD campaign you are going to send your party out on a fetch quest. These are mired in tropes and bad MMORPG stereotypes, but that doesn’t necessarily make them bad. Most of the things your players do are fetch quests dressed up as something […]

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