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Our Latest Articles

Poison and Disease Traps

Using Poison and Disease Traps

By Jae | April 2, 2019

Raw damage from traps is fine and all, but poison and disease traps can be so much more interesting! When filling a tomb, crypt, or other old creepy place, it’s never a bad idea to place some poison and disease traps. In today’s DnD Trap Tuesday, we’ll be looking at how to use poison and […]

character backgrounds

DnD Character Backgrounds

By Jae | March 27, 2019

Every player character has their own background. The Player’s Handbook has a number of easy to use character backgrounds that players can quickly choose. While these are great for getting starting equipment and extra proficiencies, they can be really limiting for your players’ character development in the future. Working with your players, you can modify […]

DnD Trap Tuesdays

DnD Trap Tuesdays

By MTDadmin | March 26, 2019

DnD Trap Ideas, Every Tuesday! Welcome to DnD Trap Tuesdays. Each Tuesday we’ll be releasing a new article focusing on a trap that you can easily implement in your DnD games. These articles are going to cover all sorts of traps, their types, their uses, and why you would use them for your game. Not […]


Patreon Launch and Site Changes

By MTDadmin | March 26, 2019

Hello everyone, Master the Dungeon is going through some changes and we wanted to take some time to talk about everything that will effect you, our dear readers. So far, Master the Dungeon has been an effort spanning almost three years with two primary writers and developers. Master the Dungeon started as a hobby project, […]

cursed items

DnD 5e Cursed Items

By Jae | March 20, 2019

As a Dungeon Master there are few things more enjoyable than tossing your players a few cursed items. While we’ve talked about cursed objects before, the topic of discussion is far from over. The 5e core rule books actually have some fun cursed items built right in, but why stop there? There are so many […]

dnd loot

Making Great DnD Loot

By Jae | March 13, 2019

Great DnD loot starts with careful planning. If you’re simply looking for a table to roll on or a treasure generator, check out our resources page for treasure generators. While there is nothing wrong with rolling treasure from a table, really good treasure is more specific and helps tell your story. Great DnD loot makes […]

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