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Creating History for Your World

By Kim | November 10, 2017

An important aspect of creating a world that feels lived in is that it must have its own history. Just like NPCs don’t suddenly pop into existence, your world wasn’t created yesterday. History is so important in explaining why people act the way they do in your world. From the way the world is shaped to […]

fudging rolls

Fudging Rolls and DM Honesty

By Kim | November 3, 2017

Whether or not a DM should lie about or alter their rolls to change the outcome of an encounter is an issue that splits the DM community. Many feel that the dice dictate the story and fudging rolls makes the narrative disingenuous. Others have a more casual approach to game mechanics or feel that bad […]

Dungeon master survey results

Survey Results

By Jae | October 30, 2017

Recently we sent out a survey to Dungeon Masters on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other social media networks to see what problems were facing our community when it comes to running D&D. After collecting more than 200 results over the last month, we finally have the results of the dungeon master survey available for everyone. […]


How to Prepare a Spooky Halloween Session

By Jae | October 27, 2017

Halloween is almost upon us and that means it’s time to for Spooky D&D. While D&D is already full of potentially scary things, Halloween is a great excuse to pull out all of your best monsters and scariest encounter hooks. So what makes a great Halloween one shot? Let’s break it down. Tone First things […]

Dungeon Mastering

Dungeon Mastering – Introduction and Step by Step Guide

By Jae | October 20, 2017

So you want to be a Dungeon Master? Great! This guide will get you started on your road to dungeon mastering. If you’re an absolute beginner or coming back after a long break, the following steps will give everything you need to run the game. Step 1. Dungeon Mastering Main Role: Storyteller and Arbiter Dungeon […]

How to be a Good DM

How To Be a Good DM

By Jae | October 13, 2017

One of the most Googled queries for D&D players is “How to be a good DM” and we can understand why. Running a game of Dungeons and Dragons is a big responsibility. You’re in charge of the game. You have to handle not only the rules, but also the story. You play multiple characters, act […]

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