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How to Make a Homebrew Spell

How to Make a Homebrew Spell for DnD 5e

By Jae | July 5, 2019

Spells are a core part of most DnD games. They fill the world with magic. They enhance combat. They even lend large parts to your story. With DnD 5e you have over 450 spells to choose from in the game. This doesn’t even include all of the Unearthed Arcana, companion material, or official third party […]


4 DnD Homebrew Fireworks for the 4th of July

By Kim | July 4, 2019

In keeping with the theme of the summer holiday, we’ve cooked up a few fireworks homebrews that you can use in your DnD games. These items and spells can add some seasonal chaos to your games. Click here for a pdf version. Happy holidays and Happy DMing! If you enjoy content like this, sign up […]

Introducing Players to Your World

Introducing Players to Your World

By Jae | July 3, 2019

When you start a new campaign in a custom-built setting, there’s always an adjustment period. Initially your players don’t know anything about the setting and they need to learn a lot just to interact with it. You’ll want to find the best way of introducing players to your world without overwhelming them. Building Background Information […]


Using Lures to Trap Your Players

By Jae | July 2, 2019

The party pushes open the door slowly, making their way into the next room in the dungeon. As their torchlight pours into the open doorway it glints off gold and jewels in an open sack. Beside the sack is a goblin picking over a corpse for valuables. It sees the party, and in a quick […]

strongholds and followers

Strongholds and Followers – Full Book Review

By Jae | June 28, 2019

Strongholds and Followers is a brand new TTRPG companion book written and developed by Matthew Colville. If you’re not familiar with his work, we highly recommend you check it out as he has great advice for Game Masters and story tellers. While Strongholds and Followers is not official DnD material, the book is a fantastic […]

meta gaming

Avoid These 3 Common DM Meta Gaming Mistakes

By Jae | June 27, 2019

A certain amount of meta gaming is expected as a dungeon master. Your role is to not only know the plot, but players, villains, and everything in between. By default you have to do some meta gaming to maintain the game state and keep players on track. Even if you let your players go off […]

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