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Unusual Material Components for DnD 5e

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How to Build Trap Dungeons

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Level Up Checklist for DnD 5e

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Dramatically Improve DnD Combat With One Change to Monsters

By Jae | August 9, 2019

Fighting monsters in Dungeons and Dragons is a common occurrence, but sometimes combat can feel flat, boring, and downright easy. Running the monsters more like living creatures and less like enemies to overcome is the solution to this problem. Let’s look at how! The Problem With Boring Monster Fights Have you ever run a game […]

character death

Character Death And New Character Introduction

By Jae | August 8, 2019

Character death in DnD is a natural consequence of the game. Just like in real life, it’s often surprising and very unfortunate. But just because a character dies, that doesn’t mean the player is out of the game for good. So how do you deal with a character death in the game and get the […]


How to Make Better DnD Taverns

By Jae | August 7, 2019

Taverns and inns are a classic part of the DnD experience. We’re not 100% sure how this became a mainstay of Dungeons and Dragons, but taverns and DnD go together like barbarians and rage issues. We’re willing to bet you’ve been in at least one campaign that starts in a tavern. This is usually the […]

snare traps

How to Use Snare Traps in DnD

By Jae | August 6, 2019

Snare traps can be a fun and simple addition to your DnD game. Despite their simple nature, they add a lot of excitement without adding a ton of danger. Snares are usually a big problem for creatures without opposable thumbs, but for humanoids they can often get themselves out of simple snares. However, this doesn’t […]


Master The Dungeon Rebranding

By MTDadmin | August 5, 2019

If you frequent our blog you might have noticed a few changes around here. First and foremost, we’ve updated our site logo! Our new amazing logo was created for us by an honest to goodness digital artist and marks the end of us using a thrown together design we made in Paint when the blog […]

role play heavy warlock

Role Play Heavy Warlock Build

By Jae | July 31, 2019

This is the first of several sample builds we are working on for Warlocks. Over time we hope to create sample builds for for all the major classes as well guides on how to use them. This build is an example of how to create a role play heavy warlock. A quick note on these […]

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