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There's a ton of Dungeons and Dragons content online, so why read Master the Dungeon? Because we're focused on answering your DM questions. Our articles cover topics ranging from hosting D&D to setting up adventures. We talk about complex topics like player dynamics and inclusiveness in D&D without shying away from the controversial issues. Our writers understand what makes D&D fun, and we help you make better campaigns that your players will be talking about for years to come. Check out the blog and see what we've got for you!

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Master the Dungeon's writers are a collection of DMs with more than 20 years of combined D&D experience. They've played through countless campaigns and guided players through all sorts of challenges. They're ready to answer your questions and tackle your D&D problems!

Our Latest Articles

Why Crafting Sucks in 5e

By Jae | September 2, 2020

Crafting sucks in 5e. Do you want to make a weak poison that’s unable to kill almost anything? That’ll take you at least 20 days, and that assumes you have what you need to make it and the proficiency to do so. Want to make something better, like a magical item? That could take you […]

Why Everyone Hates Electrum Pieces

By Jae | August 25, 2020

Electrum is a unit of currency in DnD between a silver piece and gold piece and everyone seems to hate it. This article will likely incite angry emails from electrum’s staunch defenders, but we’re not passing judgement. We’re simply here to explain where electrum comes from, why it’s used at all, and why it’s generally […]

Creating Cultural Notes for DnD Settings and Characters

By Jae | August 18, 2020

In DnD having cultural notes on your settings can be both a tremendous time saver and a functional tool. When doing any amount of world building these things can get overwhelming quickly. Trying to hold on to too many details makes it hard to create and organize thoughts in a useful way. A little bit […]

Helping Your Players With DnD Character Names

By Jae | August 12, 2020

Names are important in DnD. We’ve already taken a dive into How to Create Good DnD Names. Now we need to go a step further and talk about how to help your players choose good character names that match your game. Players often ask “How do I name my DnD Character?” and feel lost when […]

Session Preparation Effectiveness

By Jae | July 28, 2020

When creating things for your DnD session you can easily sink hours into preparation. This isn’t really a problem when you like session preparation, but it is possible you might run into an efficiency problem. Some types of content are harder to generate than others and you might end up spending more time on a […]

Ghosts: A Monster with A Built in Puzzle

By Jae | July 25, 2020

Combat quests in DnD can easily get repetitive and boring. But what if the monster itself was the quest? What if the very nature of a creature added interesting combat mechanics or came prepackaged with story elements? That’s exactly what Ghosts bring to the table. What even is a Ghost? A ghost is the spirit […]

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