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Our Latest Articles


Creating a One-Shot Adventure

By Kim | August 1, 2018

There are many reasons you might find yourself running a one-shot. Whether you’re trying to entice new players with their first adventure or you need to come up with an alternative because half of your regular players couldn’t make it to your scheduled session, almost every DM has had to use a one-shot adventure. But […]

yes and no

Saying Yes and No

By Jae | July 25, 2018

Dungeons and Dragons is a shared experience. Both you and your players take part in crafting the story. Playing the game as a dungeon master also means running the game and having to wrest some of that power away from your players. There are times when you players may want to do crazy things. There […]

creating encounters

Creating Encounters

By Jae | July 19, 2018

The encounters in Dungeons and Dragons are the cornerstone of your game play. Whether you’re fighting goblins, disarming traps, or talking with NPCs, all of these events engage the players. Ultimately, the quality of your campaign is directly tied to the quality of the encounters within it. We’ll cover simple tricks for creating encounters for […]

30 minute Dungeon

30 Minute Dungeons

By Jae | July 11, 2018

So your group is coming over in half an hour for a session and oops, you forgot to prepare anything for this week. It happens to everyone sooner or later and it can be stressful. You may think that the only choice is to cancel D&D and just prep for next week. But what if […]


How to be Inclusive in Your D&D Game

By Kim | January 26, 2018

The tabletop gaming community is getting more inclusive. With that come players in groups being open about issues that were not covered in D&D’s conception in 1974. What was once considered a hobby only for white men, the D&D community now sees a host of differing races and genders. But that doesn’t mean that our […]


A Guide to Rules

By Kim | November 24, 2017

The Purpose of Rules Rules are essential to D&D. They are the constraints that allow people to play together and tell you what dice to roll and what happens when you do. Having a uniform set of rules keeps the playing field even for all players. These players know what they can and can’t do […]

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