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Our Latest Articles


Making a DnD Town: The Blacksmith

By Jae | January 18, 2021

A blacksmith is more than just a place to buy weapons and armor in your DnD towns. While players may treat them more like video game shops with a simple set of goods, a blacksmith can offer a wide array of services and be host to fun and useful roleplay features you might not have […]

general store

Making Better DnD Towns: The General Store

By Jae | January 13, 2021

In DnD there is no place more well-tread for players than the general store. Adventuring supplies, rations, and goods of all types typically come from some general shop in most campaigns. While it can be tempting to consider these shops as a catch-all for any non-specialty good, they have a lot more to offer than […]

miniature painting

8 Tools That Supercharge Your Miniature Painting Process

By MTDadmin | January 11, 2021

Let’s get pedantic for a moment, just so we can say we did: to paint a miniature, you technically really only need five things: a brush, paint, water, a model, and time. For any given painting project, these are the undisputed champions, the real MVP’s, and you can’t work without them. However…    If you want […]

Deliberately Thinking

How Deliberately Thinking Improves Your Game

By Jae | January 6, 2021

It may sound obvious to some, but one of the best things you can do to improve your DnD game as a dungeon master is to take time to think about your campaign. So often dungeon masters spend a lot of their session prep working out mechanics, dialogue, and descriptions, but not all of the […]


The Effects of Age On Loot

By Jae | January 4, 2021

When your players sack an ancient temple or clear a crumbling dungeon they expect to find some loot. But an often overlooked feature of these older dungeons is spoilage and decay. Most DMs do a good job accounting for age and make sure there aren’t fresh rations in a 1000 year old crypt. But what […]

improvise damage

How to Improvise Damage for DnD 5e

By Jae | December 30, 2020

Let’s say one of your players gets thrown into a fire pit. How much damage do they take? If a character falls in lava and doesn’t die right away, how much damage do they take? Your group’s paladin, who is standing in full plate in a field, is struck by lightning while holding their sword […]

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