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cursed items

How to Make Quick Cursed Items for DnD

By Jae | December 3, 2019

We’ve already talked a lot about both the cursed items provided in the DMG as well as what makes a good cursed item, but today we want to tackle making cursed items for your game quickly. Throwing cursed items in with regular loot can be fun, but figuring out the curse can be a bit […]

magic weapons

How to Make Quick Magic Weapons

By Jae | November 27, 2019

Magic weapons are always a fun thing to throw into a game. The problem is that there aren’t enough in the books! Like all good things in DnD, when it’s not in the book you can always make your own. This guide will take you step by step through how to make your own magic […]

custom dnd weapons

6 Simple Steps to Create Custom DnD Weapons Quickly

By Jae | November 22, 2019

While Dungeons and Dragons already has an impressive set of weapons to choose from, sometimes you want something custom. You might need a cool set piece or a variant weapon for a player’s character. Beyond just laying out the concept, balancing the weapons cost, damage, and utility can also be a challenge. So we decided […]

slice of life

Slice of Life DnD Sessions

By Jae | November 18, 2019

Our more recent articles have been about brevity and lean storytelling. These concepts help you improve pacing and increase player engagement. While these ideas are helpful, they come at the cost of describing your world to its fullest. Removing irrelevant story elements might improve game play, but it definitely blunts some of the worlds details. […]

dnd riddles

The Complete Guide to DnD Riddles

By MTDadmin | November 5, 2019

While not always employed effectively, riddles have a long history in role playing games. But how do you create DnD riddles? Fantasy classics have great examples to pull from, most notably The Hobbit with the riddles Bilbo gives to Gollum. “A box without hinges, key, or lid, Yet golden treasure inside is hid.” Spoilers: the […]

archfey patron

Archfey Patron Example for DnD Warlocks

By Jae | November 4, 2019

Continuing on our journey of understanding the Warlock, we’ve created another patron example you can use in your game. This week we’re diving into the world of Archfey Patrons with a singular homebrew example. Archfey Patron: Som Liatria, the Eater of Dreams Of all the Patrons a warlock could draw power from, few are as […]

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