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There's a ton of Dungeons and Dragons content online, so why read Master the Dungeon? Because we're focused on answering your DM questions. Our articles cover topics ranging from hosting D&D to setting up adventures. We talk about complex topics like player dynamics and inclusiveness in D&D without shying away from the controversial issues. Our writers understand what makes D&D fun, and we help you make better campaigns that your players will be talking about for years to come. Check out the blog and see what we've got for you!

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Our Latest Articles

snare traps

How to Use Snare Traps in DnD

By Jae | August 6, 2019

Snare traps can be a fun and simple addition to your DnD game. Despite their simple nature, they add a lot of excitement without adding a ton of danger. Snares are usually a big problem for creatures without opposable thumbs, but for humanoids they can often get themselves out of simple snares. However, this doesn’t […]


Master The Dungeon Rebranding

By MTDadmin | August 5, 2019

If you frequent our blog you might have noticed a few changes around here. First and foremost, we’ve updated our site logo! Our new amazing logo was created for us by an honest to goodness digital artist and marks the end of us using a thrown together design we made in Paint when the blog […]

role play heavy warlock

Role Play Heavy Warlock Build

By Jae | July 31, 2019

This is the first of several sample builds we are working on for Warlocks. Over time we hope to create sample builds for for all the major classes as well guides on how to use them. This build is an example of how to create a role play heavy warlock. A quick note on these […]

collapsing traps

Collapsing Traps and Chasing Monsters

By Jae | July 30, 2019

Not all monsters are very strong and sometimes they know when they’re outmatched. In these cases, it makes sense that monsters might flee from your players in combat. This does not mean that the running monsters are dumb or defenseless. Many weak but intelligent creatures can set traps. These creatures usually use collapsing traps as […]

dnd resources

Hundreds of DnD Resources All in One Spot

By MTDadmin | July 29, 2019

Over the last few months we’ve been scouring the internet looking for the best DnD resources we could find. Now we’ve finally updated our resources page to share all of these tools with you! New Resources Page Our new resources page acts as a central hub and breaks resources down by category. There’s a lot […]


Understanding the Warlock Class for DnD 5e

By Jae | July 24, 2019

This is our complete guide to warlocks for DnD 5e. It’s the first in a collection of information we’re putting together to tackle all the DnD classes in depth. We’re going to cover the basic rules, tips on how to role play the class, niche roles your character can fill, and how to get the […]

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