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Level Up Checklist for DnD 5e

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Game Restrictions and Banning Classes

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Dramatically Improve DnD Combat With One Change to Monsters

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Character Death And New Character Introduction

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How to Make Better DnD Taverns

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Magnets: How Do They Work?

By Jae | April 30, 2019

Magnets are super fun in both real life and in DnD. For this trap example, we use magnets in a creative way to get your players to look for obvious traps when the signals are present. The Magnets Trap This trap starts when the players enter a room with a sloped floor that angles down […]

fetch quest

How to Design a Fetch Quest for DnD

By Jae | April 24, 2019

Whether you want to or not, at some point in your DnD campaign you are going to send your party out on a fetch quest. These are mired in tropes and bad MMORPG stereotypes, but that doesn’t necessarily make them bad. Most of the things your players do are fetch quests dressed up as something […]

fake jewels and disappearing gold

Fake Jewels and Disappearing Gold

By Jae | April 23, 2019

Sometimes a trap doesn’t need to deal damage to hurt your players. Sometimes what really hurts is taking your players’ gold. This trap is simple, effective, and easy to place and use. The Ruse Jewels are easily one of the players most exciting finds, as they are valuable and very rarely have any downsides. That […]


DnD Dice – Master The Dungeon’s Complete Guide to Dice for Dungeons & Dragons

By MTDadmin | April 17, 2019

Dice and DnD Dice and Dungeons & Dragons go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s an iconic pairing that’s hard to separate. When most people think of DnD, they imagine people sitting around a table rolling dice and telling stories, and that’s precisely what DnD is. This guide is designed to give you all […]


When a Switch isn’t a Switch

By Jae | April 16, 2019

When working on designing traps, there are a lot of instances when the mechanism that activates the trap is pretending to be something it isn’t. Today we’re going to look at some examples of ways to spring traps that would be overlooked, but definitely trigger them in most situations. Hiding Switches A switch or lever […]

player class monsters

Player Class Monsters

By Jae | April 10, 2019

Every now and then your players might need a bit of a challenge, and the run of the mill monsters are just not cutting it. While it might seem like a great time to introduce dragons, beholders, or other big ticket monsters, your story might not be ready for it. If this sounds all too […]

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