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The Best D&D Tools from Around the Web!

Here at Master the Dungeon, we’ve collected the best 5e online D&D resources for dungeon masters all on one place. You’ll find everything from campaign management tools to generators. We’ve spent a long time searching the web for the best we can find so that you don’t have. Take a tour of the resources we’ve collected and if you think there’s anything missing, please let us know.

Our goal is to gather all the best D&D resources for DMs all into one place.  Spend more time planning your campaign and less time scrounging the internet for quality D&D tools. We’re your one stop spot for all your D&D resource needs!

Resource Categories

We’ve broken our resources page down by categories. We simply couldn’t fit it all on one page anymore! In each category you’ll find tools, guides, and more. Simply click into one of the categories below and take a look at some of the best DnD resources from around the web.

DnD Campaign Management

Online tools for keeping track of your campaign.

Dungeons and Dragons Official

Everything released by WotC.

DnD Blogs and Vlogs

Blogs, Videos, Streams, Podcasts!

Dungeon Master Tools

A collection of tools that do the heavy lifting for you.


Extra resources and rules created by community members.

DnD Generators

Generate elements of your world on the fly with these generator tools.