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The Best Dungeon Master Tools from Around the Web

A good DM needs to have many tools at their disposal to keep up with their players. Luckily we've compiled a bunch of DM tools here for you to use. Take a look at our resources for official rules, homebrew rules, organizational tools, and more!

DnD Rules - Where to Find Them

It can be a real workout carrying the hardcover DnD official rule books to where you're playing your game. Use these handy online resources whenever you have a question about rules.

Online Rule Resources - Official and Core Rules

5th Edition SRD

5th Edition SRD

All of the open source rules for 5e Dungeons and Dragons. As close as you get official, for free.

5e SRD Main Document GM Binder

5th Edition SRD Binder Conversion

If you need to print it...



A quick look up for creatures, spells, and conditions for the 5th edition of DnD

Online Official Rules - Paid Resources

D&D Beyond

D&D Beyond

Buy the digital books online and get a digital look up and campaign management tool.

Homebrew Rules

Homebrew page

We've collected homebrew resources on their own page. Click here to check them out.

Organization Tools - Keep Your Game In Order

Whether you're tracking initiative or keeping tabs on your players, these simple tools will help you run your game more smoothly.

Combat Tools

Improved Initiative

Improved Initiative Tracker

A tool for keeping track of initiative in your combats simply.


Kobold Fight Club

Calculate exp with ease and scale it to your specific party. 

DnD Printables - Sheets, Tokens, References & More

Need printable note sheets, tokens, or references? We've got you covered. There's a load of tools and resources online to make it easy to print things right from your home computer.

Tokens - Printable and Digital Tokens

Drive Logo

Token Pack 1

A Google Dive full of useful character and Monster Tokens

Character Tokens

Token Pack 2

A directory of useful character tokens for your game

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Character Tokens

A Google Drive full of useful character and monster tokens

DM Screens - Alright Then, Keep Your Secrets

Who can remember all of the rules for DnD when put on the spot? Sometimes it's helpful to have a handy reference of the most commonly used rules.

Digital DM Screens

5e Dungeon Master Screen Online Fifth Edition DM Screen

5e Dungeon Masters Screen

A digital DM Screen, ready to use

General DnD Tools

There are plenty of tools out there for you to use. Here at Master the Dungeon, we're actively working to make new and better tools for you and your players. We've gathered some general use tools here.


The MTD DnD Dice Roller

We've made our own dice roller, just for you!

Rand Roll

Rand Roll Fantasy Calendar

Fantasy Calendar

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TTRPG Safety Toolkit

A quick reference guide on how to incorporate safety tools into your games by @KiennaS and @jl_nicegirl

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