The Best DnD Generators from Around the Web

Why make everything from scratch when these DnD generators can help you with the heavy lifting? We've collected map generators, dungeon generators, NPC generators, and more all in one place. These represent some of the best and most recommended DnD 5e generators out there, but if we've missed any let us know.

Map Generators

Sometimes you need a map on the fly. These map generators will get you what you need right away. You can make a medieval fantasy city with amazing towns, cities, and continents in no time at all. Try out all these different map generators and put them to good use!

Medieval Fantasy City Generator

A great tool for cities and towns

Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator

A world map generator

Roll For Fantasy

A random world map generator with full continent creation


Random fantasy tile based settlements

Treasure Generators

Players are always looking for good loot. These treasure generators will get you everything you need, from standard loot generation to complex magic items. These tools contain everything you need to fill your dungeons, monsters, and castles with fantastic fantasy treasure.


5e random treasure

Redkat's 5e Tools

5e random treasure


5e random treasure generator with persistent tabs

Mithril And Mages

5e treasure generator 

Myth Weavers

3.5e treasure generator

Site of Many Things

 A random magic Item generator


Loot rewards by CR

d20 SRD Treasure

d20 random treasure generator

Dungeon Generators

While you can certainly craft a dungeon by hand, dungeon generators make it easy to have a quick pickup game of DnD. These dungeon generators will give you maps that range from small and simple dungeons all the way to massive multi-session mega dungeons.


5e random dungeon generator

Dungeon Room Generator

Random descriptions of rooms

Auto Roll Tables

Dungeon generator for flavor


Generate high resolution dungeons


Dungeon map generator

Encounter Generators

When planning encounters, these encounter generators can help you calculate the perfect session. Not only are they great for inspiration, these tools help you balance CR, calculate EXP, and plan ahead. Encounter generators aren't just for the lazy DM; they're a time saver that can help you take your encounters to the next level.


5e random encounter generator

Orc Pub 2

5e encounter builder

Kobold Fight Club

Create encounters by monster, CR, and more

Goblinist RPG tools

5e random encounter generator

Story Generators

If you have writer's block, you've come to right place. Story generators give you a solid framework of ideas to get your stories going. Nothing that comes out of a generator is a perfect masterpiece, but the inspiration these provide can help you come up with new plot hooks, ties, and stories for you game.

Auto Roll Tables

Create different settlements with added flavor


Random plots, NPCs, treasure, and more.

Redkat's 5e Tools

Random quest plot hooks

Eigengrau's Generator

Create flavor for settlements

Character/NPC Generators

You never know when you're suddenly going to need a new NPC, so we've assembled the best tools around to help you create characters, NPCs, and keep track of them all. No matter what kind of character you need to make, the NPC generators will help you build a character with more than just base stats. Roll up a new NPC today and see just how good these tools can be.

NPC Generator

Detailed stats and descriptions of randomly generated NPCs

RPG Tinker

5e NPC generator with templated combat stat blocks

DM Heroes

NPC collection with descriptions and portraits


NPC character generator


NPC stat and description generator

Digital Dungeon Master

Pre-made character sheets by class

Fast Character

NPC character sheet generator 

Eigengrau's Generator

NPC character generator 

Auto Roll Tables

Basic NPC characteristics and backgrounds

Free NPC

Collection of interconnected NPC characters with descriptions and plot hooks

MPMB 5e Character Tools

Autofill 5e character sheets

Roll Tables

Back before we had digital generators it was all dice and tables! These roll tables are perfect for pulling up quick descriptions, story elements, or points of interest when your players inevitably walk away from whatever you actually had planned.


A compilation of d100 lists

100 City Encounters

A collection of city plot hooks from

Encounters on the Road

A PDF of road encounters by /u/Mimir-ion at r/DnDBehndTheScreen

DnD Speak

Various d100 roll table categories

Travel Sights

Random things your players can see while traveling

Odd City Encounters

30 random city encounters from

Various Generators

We found more generators, but these don't fit into any of our grouping above! As this list grows we'll break out different categories from here. Until then, if you're looking for something that doesn't fit anywhere else, it'll be here. If you find any on your own, let us know so we can add them here!

Here Be Taverns

Generates the tavern, menu, characters, and events

Instant Tavern Generator

WotC tavern generator

Ritual Details Generator

Creates random rituals with detailed descriptions

D&D 5e Tools by Leugren

Various generators and tools for 5E

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