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The Best DnD Homebrew from Around the Web

Dungeons and Dragons Homebrew is an essential part of the game. Anything you create on your own can be shared with others, be it new monsters, rules, or even whole worlds. We've collected a bunch of homebrew resources in one place for you to check out.

DnD Homebrew

In this section we've laid out where you can find the best and latest homebrew for your game. We pulled collections, tools, extra rules you might find useful, and magic alterations into one spot. Please let us know if there's anything we should add to our list!

Homebrew Collections

Dungeon Masters Guild

Dungeon Masters Guild

Wizards of the Coast sanctioned Homebrew for your campaign.


r/Unearthed Arcana

A catalog of homebrew rules for D&D 5e.


The Complete Hippo

A Homebrew collection by Redditor Famoushippopotamas.



A great reddit community of homebrew creators. They regularly post all sorts of fantastic creations to use in your game.

Homebrew Tools

Homebrewery - Naturalcrit

The Homebrewery

Makes the creation and sharing of authentic looking Fifth-Edition homebrews easy.

Useful Homebrew Rules


Navel Combat Rules

An extensive explanation of naval combat rules perfect for pirates and privateers alike.

Magic Items that are better than nothing - Many Sided Dice

Magic Items That Are Better Than Nothing

A list of magic items that are okay. Items are rated by usefulness.


Curios of the Weird

Custom curios for your game setting. These weird items can add flavor and fun!


Surviving in the Wild: Hunting Fishing and More

Take player hunting and fishing to the next level with this amazing survivalist rule set.


Foraging in the Wild

Great rules for foraging and wilderness survival. Perfect for exploration campaigns.

Homebrew Magic Alterations


Arcane Crystals

An interesting alteration to magic and how it's used in DnD.


Gem Glow

An additional magical effect homebrew.

Homebrew World Building & Dungeon Rules

Homebrew doesn't have to only be about rules. The following guides provide rules, guidelines, and structure to help you build your own homebrew elements for the game. They all take care to give you steps that you need to take to create better content on your own.

How to Homebrew World Elements


Cavern Building

Learn how to build caverns for your campaign in great detail! No boring caves here.


Let's Build a Cursed Item

Step by step instructions on how to make cursed items that will have your players in a bind.


The Church Template

A template for building in game churches that work with various religious systems.


Let's Build a Maze

Step by step guide on building mazes for your settings. Your players are sure to get lost!


Let's Build a Mages Guild

Everything you need to make your own mages guild, complete with old wizard creation.


Treasure Map Generator

How to make a treasure map that will have your players on a hunt! Perfect for pirate games!


Let's Build a Villian

A step by step guide on creating villains that don't suck. Prepare your monologues.


Let's Build a Zero Level Session

A great guide on how to start before the beginning. Fantastic session zero advice.


Let's Build a Good Religion

Make your own religion for DnD. This guide help make the process easy.

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