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Dungeon Craft: Jungles of Dread Review

by Jae
1985 Games Jungles of Dread

1985 Games, known for their innovative Dungeon Craft product, has recently expanded their range with a new tile set called Jungles of Dread, Set to launch mid February. This set, designed to enhance tabletop RPG experiences, focuses on jungle adventures, bringing a whole new environment to life for players and Dungeon Masters alike. 1985 Games was kind enough to send us an advanced copy to review and just like with their other Dungeon Craft products, we were not disappointed.

Jungles of Dread: An Overview

The Jungles of Dread tile set is a collection of laminated, double-sided 2D tiles, similar in quality and functionality to the original Dungeon Craft sets. These tiles are compatible with a standard 1-inch grid system, making them suitable for a variety of tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and others. The set comes with literally hundreds of terrain pieces, tons of scatter, and a variety of both enemies and NPCs

The tiles in Jungles of Dread depict lush jungle sceneries, ancient ruins, hidden temples, and treacherous swamps, offering a vivid backdrop for adventure. Each tile is reversible, with one side showing a specific jungle scene and the other providing an alternate view or environment. This design allows for dynamic and immersive storytelling, as DMs can reveal hidden paths, secret chambers, or changes in the environment as players explore.

The Jungle Floor Pack: A Companion Battlemap

Complementing Jungles of Dread is the Jungle Floor Pack, a battlemap product designed to work seamlessly with the jungle tiles. This pack includes large (22” x 33”), foldable battlemaps that lay out the broader terrain of a jungle environment. Like the tiles, these maps are wet and dry erase friendly, offering flexibility in marking routes, locations, and encounter areas.

Key Features of Jungles of Dread and the Jungle Floor Pack

  • Versatility and Creativity: The tiles and battlemaps enable DMs to create a wide range of jungle-themed settings, from dense forests to ancient ruins. This variety can significantly enhance the storytelling and visual experience of jungle-based campaigns.
  • Quality and Durability: The laminated design ensures durability and repeated use, while also being compatible with wet and dry erase markers for easy customization and reuse.
  • Ease of Use and Storage: The tiles and battlemaps are designed for easy setup and takedown, making them ideal for game masters who play in different locations. They can be stored compactly, ensuring they don’t take up much space.
  • Enhanced Gameplay Experience: The detailed artwork and variety of scenes available in the Jungles of Dread set can bring a new level of immersion to jungle adventures, making gameplay more engaging and visually appealing.

Who Should Consider Jungles of Dread?

Jungles of Dread is an excellent addition for any tabletop RPG enthusiast who wants to bring a new level of depth and realism to their jungle adventures. It’s particularly beneficial for DMs looking to reduce prep time while still offering detailed and engaging settings. The set is also ideal for players who enjoy a visual and tangible element in their gaming sessions.

While papercraft tiles might not be for everyone, the Dungeon Craft line of products clearly represents the best version of papercraft dungeon titles available. If you are looking for a huge tile set that’s both flexible and durable, you can’t beat the quality or the price of Dungeon Craft. Jungles of Dread is another great addition to the already amazing line and is worth considering for anyone looking to expand their battlemap and dungeon tile setup.

The Bottom Line

With its combination of quality, versatility, and immersive design, Jungles of Dread and the Jungle Floor Pack from 1985 Games are valuable assets for enhancing tabletop RPG experiences, especially for those adventures set in mysterious and exotic jungle environments. Whether for seasoned veterans or newcomers to tabletop gaming, these products offer an affordable and efficient way to bring the wild and untamed aspects of jungles to life.

You can find Jungles of Dread and other Dungeon Craft products on 1985 Games’ website.

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