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Many people have asked us how they can help support our site and help us make more content, and this page seeks to answer that question. We want to continue to provide quality content to you for free, and while we appreciate monetary support, it is by no means necessary for us to continue this site. The support you give simply helps us make more content and improve the quality of the content we currently offer.

Direct Support

If you want to give to us directly, we have launched a Patreon to handle monthly donations! Our patrons get access to some exclusive Patreon posts and digital maps that we create. If we hit our goals in Patreon it will allow us to expand our content offering on the site for everyone, not just our patrons. If you’d like to learn more you can visit our Patreon here.

Buying Merch

Another way you can support us is by buying some merchandise from our RedBubble shop. We’re working on creating art for shirts, mugs, phone cases, and more. Anything we sell there helps support this blog and allows us to keep making more content for you our reader. Plus you get some cool stuff!

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Affiliate Support

If you are interested in supporting us, but don’t want to or can’t afford to donate monthly, you can support us through our affiliate links. We are an Amazon affiliate, and by following any of the Amazon links on our site and buying things for yourself, you can support us without spending a dime more than you would normally. Some example links and items ideas are listed below:

These affiliation links help support us by giving a portion of the advertising payment directly to us. We never recommend products we don’t like and we give our honest opinion of anything we link to. If you are not a fan of affiliate marketing, you can skip these links altogether.


If you’re anything like us, you hate advertising. We get it, ads have become overused and abused by many. Here at Master the Dungeon, we use Google Ads within our articles and in our sidebars. We try to keep this as minimal as possible and have no problem with people using an ad blocker if they don’t want to see ads on the site. If you want to support us and agree that our advertising is minimal, you can passively do so by adding our site to your list of allowed ad sites. We will never force you to watch ads and we will never block content from users with ad blockers. Ads on our site account for the revenue necessary to keep the site running, so we appreciate the support if you do allow ads to run on our site.

Non-Monetary Support

Beyond helping us financially, you can support Master the Dungeon by sharing our content with others and following us on social media. Spreading the word about what we do helps us grow our audience and reach new people. Not only does this help us get our content out to more people, it also allows us to sustain our site and produce more content.

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Thank You

We know there are tons of Dungeons & Dragons blogs online, but we are truly thankful that you spend some of your time on our ours. We’re committed to creating great articles and resources for you all for years to come. Regardless of if or how you support our content, we thank you for your readership. This content is for you and we hope it helps make your D&D experience the best it can possibly be!