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Green Stuff World’s Maxx Formula Paints Review

by snuuurch
Green Stuff World's Maxx Formula Paints Review

Green Stuff World has become a prominent name in the painting community, specializing in supplies and accessories for miniature hobbyists. Founded in Spain 2011, GSW carries a diverse range of products aimed at amplifying creativity and elevating the joy of miniature painting, sculpting, and modeling.

Green Stuff World Acrylic Colors website landing page

Among the many offerings in the GSW product lineup, their Maxx Formula paints really stand out. Specifically formulated to “cater to the needs of miniature painters”, Maxx Formula paints boast vibrant colors that pop, claim to have excellent coverage, and promise long-lasting durability. The range has garnered tons of acclaim for its quality, amassing a loyal following of hobbyists across the globe. 

According to the brand, the paints, “…have been specifically formulated to provide excellent coverage, vibrant colors, and superior adhesion to a wide range of surfaces.” That sounds great, right? 

We wanted to find out for ourselves, so we tested some Maxx Formula paints that GSW sent us using our five factors: finish, color, viscosity, quality, and mess. Read more about these factors in our article I Tested 14 Black Miniature Paints So You Don’t Have To.

(While we are not sponsored by Green Stuff World, we did receive these sets for free as review materials and we work with their affiliate program. That being stated, all of our reviews are our own honest opinions of products.)


Most of the colors in the Maxx Formula range have a “Maxx matt(e)” finish. This simply means the paints dry down to a smooth, non-reflective surface. This is a pretty standard claim for most mini paint manufacturers, but with GSW it’s true. These paints really do dry to a lovely matte finish.

There are also glossy, semi-glossy, and metallic paints in the Maxx Formula range, but we didn’t test these.


One of the standout features of Maxx Formula paints is their saturation. The colors are vibrant and intense, allowing for effortless coverage and eye-catching finishes. Whether working on intricate details or larger areas, we found these paints to consistently deliver excellent color, resulting in stunning visual appeal.

Green Stuff World Maxx Formula paint set color pallets on 5 set boxes

Green Stuff World’s Maxx Formula paints come in an extensive range of colors and sets. The diverse selection covers a wide spectrum of shades, finishes, and palettes. The Basic Sets 1+2 are an ideal starting point for beginners or those looking to expand their paint collection. These sets include a selection of essential colors that cover a broad spectrum and suit all types of mini painting styles and genres. 

Green Stuff World Maxx Formula Acrylic Paints for Modeling and Miniatures Basic Colours Volume 01
Two Green Stuff World Acrylic Paint Basic Colours Sets


The formulation of Maxx Formula acrylic paints is somewhere between the thick, heavy-bodiedness of Vallejo Game Colors and the smoothness of Games Workshop Citadel Colors. The consistency strikes a delightful balance, making them easy to work with, thin, and control.

Yellow paint drip test for viscosity comparisons

When thinned with a little water, the paint flows smoothly from the brush, allowing for precise application and smooth blending. 

Wet pallet green paint viscosity test with brush

This provides a significant advantage for mini painters, particularly when tackling intricate areas and delicate highlights.

Even when applied straight from the bottle as a base coat, Maxx Formula paints deliver a clean, smooth finish without obliterating details.


As we explained when we tested black miniature paints, miniature paint quality refers to pigment density. Essentially – the ratio of pigment to other media and binders in a paint is incredibly important. 

Why? Because that’s how a color’s optimum hue is achieved in the fewest number of coats. Painting with low-quality paints means washed out colors, more layers, and uneven, blotchy results. Who wants that?

Rattling mini figure green paint quality test of GSW Maxx Formula acrylic miniature paints

Maxx Formula paints boast exceptional saturation. We were astounded by the brilliance and intensity of the colors.This saturation is a direct result of dense, high-quality pigments. When using high-quality mini paints with a healthy pigment density, your miniatures will retain their brilliance long after drying, and what’s more…they’ll be much, much easier to paint.


Okay, we’ll admit it. We’re biased: we just like mini paints in a bottle better. They last longer, they waste less, and they’re easier to store. Maxx Formula paints are no different. They’re easy to dispense onto a palette, wipe clean, and store airtight without dried paint clogging the lid… 

…Like SOME brands.

Citadel paint pot for comparison

And there’s a bonus! Maxx Formula bottles contain a mixing ball. Just like in spray paint cans, it’s there to help mix the paint thoroughly before use. Just shake until you hear the ball clack around a few times and boom – perfect, buttery smooth paint that flows easily with no visible sediment or unmixed medium. 

Stainless Steel mixing ball covered in green paint, extracted from a GSW Maxx Formular paint bottle.

Oh, and the ball is made of stainless steel, which means you don’t need to worry that it will rust and discolor the paint.

Green Stuff World Maxx Formula Paints Price

At the time this article was published, Maxx Formula paints run $2.59/bottle. That’s a dramatically lower price than similar paints from mini paint titan Vallejo (~$7/bottle), comparable to Army Painter offerings (~$3.75/bottle), and cheaper than the old stand-bys, Games Workshop’s Citadel Colors (~$4 to $6/bottle…er, pot). All of these options contain a roughly similar volume of paint: between 17-23ml.

Maxx Formula paint sets are also priced to move. They’re between $15-22 each, with 6-8 paints in each.

Three GSW Maxx Formula Acrylic Paint Sets

(Of course, since GSW is headquartered in Spain, if you live outside Europe you’ll pay for international shipping. That depends on the weight of your order, the country of destination, and the shipping option you choose. Still, we feel these paints are worth it.) 

We love a price-conscious option that still delivers on quality. And getting basically the amount of miniature paint for a lower price than big-name brands?

Are Maxx Formula paints good?

Considering their quality, versatility, and affordability, we think Green Stuff World’s Maxx Formula paints are an excellent choice for most miniature painters. They offer a lower cost per bottle compared to other well-known brands without skimping on true quality.

Overall, Green Stuff World’s Maxx Formula Acrylic Paints live up to their reputation as a highly regarded choice among hobbyists. With their exceptional pigmentation, versatile finishes, smooth consistency, and practical packaging, these paints deliver fantastic results.

You can buy Green Stuff World Maxx Formula Paints from their website here!

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