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GSW Arctic Basing Set Unboxing

by snuuurch

Snowy bases are harder to achieve than it seems at first glance. No matter if you’re embarking on your very first quest into the world of icy scale modeling, or if you’re a seasoned painter striving to take your craft to its highest peak, they can get messy fast. 

Luckily, Green Stuff World offers an enormous array of modeling and basing materials condensed into a simple kit that finally unlocks an easy way into creating snow bases for miniatures.

GSW Arctic Basing Set Unboxing 6

Building a realistic winter base requires more than just imagination; it demands the right materials to breathe life and believability into your scenes. The stuff in this kit is specially curated to help mini painters achieve the sparkle of sunlight on freshly fallen snow, evoke a sharp chill in the air, and artfully depict the inhospitable beauty of cold landscapes. 

(While we are not sponsored by Green Stuff World, we did receive this set for free and we work with their affiliate program. That being stated, all of our reviews and unboxings are our own honest opinions and experiences of products.)

The Arctic Basing Set easily sets a new standard for miniature modeling kits. We think it’s very cool (pause for laughs…), has a fantastic price, and provides a perfect point of entry for painters who want to perfect their snowy basing skills.

Green Stuff World Arctic Basing Set

The kit comes in a sturdy full-color box. Photos and sizes of each of the products in the kit are featured on the rear, and also listed on the side in English and Spanish (which makes it convenient if you plan to store the kit like a book on your shelf and need to find a specific material later). The opposite box side shows pics of project inspirations. Each product is individually packaged and sealed inside a clear cellophane bag. 

GSW Arctic Basing Set Unboxing 8
GSW Arctic Basing Set Unboxing 10

The Arctic Basing Set includes a full-color printed tutorial guide, which details how to use each product and gives instructions on how to create two different snowy scenes.

What’s in the Green Stuff World Arctic Basing Set?

The basing set includes:

  1. Tuft Glue (60ml): The foundation of your frozen realm. Secure all the materials in the kit with this water-soluble adhesive, ensuring the longevity of your arctic models.
GSW Arctic Basing Set Unboxing 12
  1. Snow Texture Paste – Snow (30ml): Replicate the softness of freshly fallen snow with this acrylic texture paste. It brings an authentic layer of depth to your bases, capturing the tactile experience of fresh powder.
GSW Arctic Basing Set Unboxing 14
  1. Realistic Snow Powder (40g): A bright white flock, this powder helps you craft lifelike snowdrifts with dimension.
GSW Arctic Basing Set Unboxing 16
  1. Pigment – Titanium White (30ml): This frosty white powder adds the glint of icy sparkle to your scenery, creating an ethereal atmosphere.
GSW Arctic Basing Set Unboxing 18
  1. Transparent Crackle Paint – Winterfell Plains (60ml): Capture the intricacies of ice with this technical paint. It emulates the delicate patterns that develop as temperatures drop or ice cracks. 
GSW Arctic Basing Set Unboxing 20
  1. Organic Glass Sheet (70x133mm): This is a thin and reflective sheet of clear glass which mimics the frozen surfaces of lakes and ponds.
GSW Arctic Basing Set Unboxing 22
  1. Water Effect Splash Gel (30ml): Craft the illusion of frozen bodies of water and give depth to icy lakes and streams with this easy-to-use gel resin (no UV torch needed).
  2. Liquid Frost – Frost Effect (17ml): This unique modeling material replicates the delicate, crystalline formations that lace plants and surfaces in subzero temperatures.
GSW Arctic Basing Set Unboxing 24
  1. Gloss Varnish (17ml): This brush-on varnish seals in the magic of your creation with a glossy finish. It greatly enhances the realism of icy textures and protects your masterpiece.
GSW Arctic Basing Set Unboxing 26
  1. Dipping Ink – Blue Glacier (60 ml): This ink brings the cobalt blue tones of frozen glaciers and works similarly to a wash.
GSW Arctic Basing Set Unboxing 28
  1. Resin bits – Tundra plants and Critters (20pcs): Nature persists even in frozen wastelands. These teeny-tiny resin pieces introduce a story of life and decay in your bases.
GSW Arctic Basing Set Unboxing 30
  1. Resin bits – Transparent stalactites and ice plates (50pcs): Precision-sculpted resin that adds dimensionality to a diorama or base. We love these in particular, and think they perfectly capture the intricate geometry of big ice formations.
GSW Arctic Basing Set Unboxing 32

Green Stuff World Arctic Basing Set price

At this time of this article’s publication, this basing set costs $39.36, discounted from a regular price tag of $48. To purchase everything in the Arctic Basing Set separately, you’d spend around $60 before shipping.  

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