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Master The Dungeon Rebranding

by MTDadmin

If you frequent our blog you might have noticed a few changes around here. First and foremost, we’ve updated our site logo! Our new amazing logo was created for us by an honest to goodness digital artist and marks the end of us using a thrown together design we made in Paint when the blog first opened. You’ll start seeing the new Master the Dungeon logo pop up during our rebranding of all our sites, social media, and other properties.

Master The Dungeon logo

Master The Dungeon’s New Logo

master the dungeon

Master The Dungeon’s Old Logo

Other Great Changes

Homepage Updates

In addition to swapping out our logo, we’ve changed up our homepage. This new layout puts a focus on articles to act as an easy way to get to our newest content without having to hunt for it. We hope this will be a positive change for all our site visitors and really improve the experience for everyone.

New Resources Page

We’ve already mentioned it in other posts, but we’ve completely redone our resources page as well. We’ve added hundreds of new resources to the site and are now linking out the some of the best DnD resources the internet has to offer. We want to make the resources page a go to place for all things DnD.

If you have resources to share or recommendations for things we’ve missed, please let us know. We’re always looking to expand these pages and will continue to add more and more resources to them as we can. The resources pages have been a huge investment of time for us to put together, so if you like them please share the pages with friends.

Future Updates

Things are still changing daily around here. The site is going through some growth and expansion and we hope to have more news for you soon on ways we’re expanding our offerings. Keep an eye out for our next few projects, some which will involve new ways to interact with us at Master the Dungeon and new ways for you to get our content.

Special Thanks

We want to thank everyone who helps make this site possible.

A special thanks to our Patrons; your direct support allows us to keep the servers running and continue to write for the blog.

A thank you also to all of our returning readers; your continued readership helps encourage us to keep working hard to make more content for the site. We hope you’ll all continue to support us as we push forward on this journey to help people make DnD even better.

Happy DMing!

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