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Our New YouTube Series Is Live

by MTDadmin
Master The Dungeon on YouTube

In case you missed it, Master the Dungeon just launched a brand new YouTube Channel and we’re currently releasing weekly DnD videos. With the help of our new artist we’re putting together simple and informative animatics on traps, monsters, lore, and everything DnD.

Want More DnD Video Content?

If you want to see us make more of these you have to let us know! By liking the videos, subscribing to our channel, and commenting on what you’d like to see us cover next we’ll know the videos are something we should keep doing.

Want to Help Out More?

If you’d like to support us beyond simply liking and subscribing, the biggest way you can help is by sharing the content with others. We’re a small team and one of our biggest challenges is getting the word out about the content we create. Sharing our videos on social media or even just sending a link to someone goes a really long way to support us. We’ve been so thrilled with the positive feedback and support we’ve gotten so far and can’t wait to see what you think of our upcoming videos. Thank you all for the continued feedback as we continue creating content!

Never Miss a Post

If you want to keep up with everything we’re doing you can follow us on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and maybe even catch us on Twitch. You can also join our newsletter and get updates every month about the latest stuff we’ve been working on. And if you’re really into what we do, we also have a Patreon where we will be posting new adventures, art, and other goodies as we continue to grow. Thank you all for the amazing support you’ve given us over the years. We couldn’t keep doing it without people like you!

Happy DMing!

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